Complete Home Renovation in Basingstoke RG22

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Property renovation in Basingstoke including new kitchen and central heating

This newly bought property in Basingstoke was in urgent need of plastering, making good and painting, new flooring, new kitchen, some electrical work and complete replumbing and replacement of the central heating system. At first the owner of the property thought that the house needed a fresh paint, new carpet and kitchen and good cleaning for the property to be ready for him to move in. However, when he took off the wall paper, he found out that the walls were cracked and bumpy.

And that is when he contacted Home Renovation London for advice

Our surveyor assessed the property and on his advice the property owner decided to do a more thorough refurbishment of his house.

Here is what we did in this property refurbishment project:

Replumbing and new boiler

The old pipes were narrow and clogged with slime, the poor plumbing design caused the pressure and water flow to be slow and ineffective. Our plumbers redesigned the whole plumbing system and replaced all the pipes. Also, a new cost-effective boiler and radiators have been installed to achieve the ultimate modern, safe and cost effective central heating system.

New kitchen installation

The kitchen has been designed and supplied by B&Q (not the smoothest and timely delivery from these guys) and our kitchen team installed all the units and appliances, rewired and made the electricity ring paying attention to every single detail and finishing touch.

Plastering, making good, painting and decorating

The walls were uneven, badly cracking and damaged and in urgent need of new plastering, making good and a few coats of good quality paint. The ceiling in one of the rooms was damaged from water leak and our team of tradesmen repaired it with a new plasterboard, plastered and painted it.

Before Home Renovation London took charge of this refurbishment project

The house was in a dire state but it became obvious only after a more thorough assessment of the property by a building contractor who checked the walls under the wall paper as well as the plumbing and the central heating system.